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My name is James my wife's name is Lindsay. We have a son named Jackson. He is was born on July 24, 2011. We live in a sweet little house in Texas. Everyday we enjoy our happy little family and we hope you do too. This blog is mainly for us and our family and friends, but we would like to share some of our life to cyber space as well. Enjoy!

Dang paparazzi

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Jackson on Halloween


Hello everybody. I just wanted to show off Jackson’s Halloween costume…he was the Incredible Boy Hulk. I also wanted to show his cool big rock that he threw around all night. It was made by Arik Von a styrofoam artist here in Fort Worth. He’s done incredible art with styrofoam for many businesses around town and I thought I would get a piece of his work for Jackson. Anyway, enjoy the photos…I did.

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I have a new mail address

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have a brand new mail address; Please update your address book and send me emails at this new address from now on. Thanks! James Ware

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Even Jackson can see how bad people drive these days.

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Hittin’ the road Jack.

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Our little boo bear playing with daddy’s glasses


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Gearing up for Jess and Justin’s wedding last Saturday

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